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USB Stick Recovery

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USB Stick Recovery

Usage of USB sticks has significantly grown in modern times. The ease of use is one of the prime reasons behind increased usage of these sticks. But, data loss with USB sticks is also one of the frequently come across issues. It is true at the same time that data recovery from USB stick is comparatively a challenging aspect over the others.
However, it’s never an issue if you communicate with Norwich Data Recovery. We have years of experience in handling such challenges.
Given below are some of the issues we commonly face in regard to USB stick data loss.

Degradation of the sticks:

Everything artificially created has its own life span. USB stick being a manmade thing is also not perfect. Their degradation is quite obvious with time. However, this degradation may cost the user a lot in terms of data loss. USB stick degradation doesn’t occur all of a sudden. It shows symptoms like getting slowing down. These are the occasions when the user should enquire whether there is any threat regarding data loss or whether it is degrading. Though slowing down is not necessarily the only reason behind degradation, but, it is certainly one of the foremost reasons behind.
The best recommendation in such occasions would be thus to connect with an efficient service provider like Norwich Data Recovery. We have the experience of thousands of case studies. Upon hearing about the symptoms, we can tell you whether it is the case of degradation or not. Even if the data is lost due to degradation, we are expert enough in getting those back for you.

Physical damage, USB Port Damage, etc:

USB port damage is indeed not a big issue. It can be easily solved. Chances of data loss due to USB port damage is also quite least. However, one should be careful enough about physical damage. Physical damage of the device (USB Stick) can cause serious issues, which might lead to loss of data forever.
Anyway, Norwich Data Recovery can assure you about recovering data in such instances in earliest possible fashion.

USB Stick USB 2.0 Port Damage:

The whole purpose of a USB memory stick is to allow it to be used on more than one machine in more than one place. And as such you should be able to, if it is functioning correctly, take it from home to work and vice versa and be able to read your data on a variety of machines. It’s unfortunate then that you might discover that when you plug the stick into a USB 2.0 port that it is not recognised or if it is recognised it is not accessible. This may be a problem with the connections between the pins on the memory chip inside and the USB adapter and if so then there is little chance of it being accessible on any USB 2.0 device. We can help however by taking the chip from the USB stick and reading it through our specialist chip-reading software and thus be able to retrieve your data too

Accidental Formatting or Deletion of USB Stick:

It’s the classic problem that many users face; mistakenly deleting information from a storage device and not being able to retrieve it. There are some software utilities available on the Internet that promote the retrieval of lost data and although they can retrieve the data they cannot guarantee that the data will not be corrupted when it is reconstituted. If you have deleted data by mistake or accidentally formatted your USB memory stick then remove it from the host device and contact us here at We will be able to help retrieve the data safely and without corruption if the drive has not had any information written to it since the accidental deletion or has not been reformatted.

Home or Office Computer No Longer Able to Read USB Stick:

You may well find yourself in the position of not being able to read the data on your USB memory stick even though you were previously able to. This may occur because of a corruption in the file allocation table on the memory chip or because the firmware (the small but important program that tells it how to communicate with a host device) has become corrupted. This can happen simply because the memory stick has been used a lot and has lived out its lifespan but can also occur if there has been a power surge whilst it was connected to a host device. Another avenue to explore is the potential introduction of a virus to the memory stick whilst it was connected to another host device. If you cannot access your memory stick and have important data you need to recover contact us at and we can run through the ways in which we may be able to help

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