We give useful advises to keep the device safe and to avoid data loss:

We encourage people to feel free and make a call immediately as they come across with any kind of issues regarding their system or data. Our team of experts always give the best suggestion to the queries. If the problem can be fixed over the phone or mail itself, we don’t mind suggesting about the same at free of cost. Otherwise, one can send the device to us, and we return after thoroughly fixing the issues. It is here to note that we make it very clear regarding the payment related aspects during the call.

We don’t believe in obligations:

Norwich Data Recovery believes in keeping things simple. As explained above, we make it very clear regarding the cost while you call; this cost is pretty much fixed. We don’t charge any advance amount or any such obligation quotes. Post inspecting the device, we let you know about the issue, and proceed with the process of recovery.

Reporting about the entire process:

We always try to fix things in quickest possible time. In general, we can deliver the result in two to three business days. First, the data is recovered to our safest server. Next, our technicians call you and also email about the entire list of files recovered, presenting the entire directory listing.

Delivering the data back:

Satisfying the client has been our priority. Once the system is fixed and the data is recovered, we ask about the mode of payment. We are flexible enough, no matter the client wishes to pay through credit card, debit card, online transfer, or through cheques. Post receiving the full payment, we prepare back-up data as per the preferred media, and deliver the same through courier by next day. In general, the data is recovered within 2 to three days. Once the job is done, our customer service team makes a contact through phone and also follow through emails. We send the screenshots and directory listing of entire data recovered.

Why Choose Norwich Data Recovery?