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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Mac Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Mac Recovery:

Mac is a favourite device of many. People use such high-end devices to store the most important data. However, it is true at the same time that the threats of data loss are more among the mac users over all others. On the other hand, Mac recovery requires specialised skills that not just any IT technician can handle.

However, good news is that Norwich Data Recovery is hugely experienced on this matter. We hold significant experience in handling such challenges.

Problems with Mac Hard Drive:

Among all other mechanical data loss issues, those associated with the Mac Hard Drive is the most frequent. There is obvious reason behind this as people prefer mac hard drives over the others for saving the extensive music, video, and other important documents.
Mac Hard drive issues can be of numerous types. In some occasions such failure are related to failure of a single component. On the other hand, such failures occur due to software malfunction issues. Irrespective of the case, little negligence may lead to strict data loss.
Anyway, Norwich Data Recovery is an experienced name about dealing with such data loss issues. The company has successfully addressed many such problems.

Coming across problems while booting Mac from internal Hard Drive:

It is a known fact that the Mc devices boot up from internal hard drive. In some occasions, a single component getting corrupted can abandon the functionality of the entire unit; no matter the hard drive functions well. Problem with such issues is that these don’t get caught easily. It requires years of hands-on experience. Hard drives containing boot up files are always crucial as these are the integral part of the entire unit. Failure of such a crucial segment can hamper the communication of the entire unit. However, the failures of such often show indication. Booting process getting slower can be one such symptom. It is highly advised to communicate with an experienced technician in such occasions, without making further delay. This is important as the delays may lead to further complexity. We at Norwich Data Recovery have solved thousands of issues of such. This enables us in assuring the client about data recovery in minimal possible time frame.

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